Owner Assistance

Two-Step Satisfaction Procedure

Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and to General Motors Overseas Distribution LLC. Normally, any problems with the sales transaction or the operation of your vehicle will be resolved by your dealer's Sales or Service Departments. Sometimes, however, despite the best intentions of all concerned, misunderstandings can occur. If your problem or request has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following steps should be taken:

Discuss your problem with a member of the dealer management team.

Complaints can often be resolved at that level. If the problem has already been reviewed with the Sales or Service Manager, contact the owner or the General Manager.


If your problem can't be resolved by the dealer management team, contact:

Customer Communications Center

P.O. Box 9233



KSA: 8008200048

UAE: 80002000257

Qatar: 8000163

Oman: 80077607

Jordan: 080022482

Bahrain: 80004434

Kuwait, Lebanon and Yemen: +20(2) 3827-2817 and +20(2)2160-0508

Iraq: +202 21601888

Fax: +202 3 8278691

Email: customerservice@cadillacarabia.com

The centers are in operation Dubai time from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday – Thursday, and closed on Friday. The details of your problem or request will be noted and relayed to the appropriate General Motors departments for prompt action. You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (available from the vehicle registration or title, or the plate attached to the left top of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield.)
  • Dealer's name and location
  • Vehicle's delivery date and present mileage
  • Nature of problem

When contacting the Customer Communication Center, please bear in mind that your problem will likely be resolved at the dealer's location, using the dealer's facilities, equipment, and personnel. That is why we suggest you follow the above steps in sequence when you have a problem or request.

GM Roadside Assistance

This section explains all the benefits you are entitled to through GM's Roadside Assistance Plan, which is valid during the warranty period of your vehicle. This plan is designed to help you have immediate access to minor repairs or towing for emergency situations.

  • If you get a flat tire
  • If your vehicle is stuck in the sand
  • If you run out of fuel
  • If you have a dead battery
  • If you have a mechanical failure
  • If you have an accident

(Conditions apply. Please refer to the following page for further details including costs to be borne by the customer.)

GM Roadside Assistance Checklist

In the event of an emergency, whether it be mechanical failure or accident, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Stay as calm as possible.
  • Call GM Roadside Assistance immediately.
  • If young children are in the car, ensure that they are comfortable and reassured, and please don't leave them alone if you have to go off to call for assistance.
  • Have your Vehicle Identification Number available. On all models, this number is visible through the bottom of the windshield, on the driver’s side, from the vehicle's exterior. You may also find this number on your registration card and on your warranty booklet.
  • In order to help us reach you as quickly as possible, try and be as specific as you can about your whereabouts.
  • If you want us to call family or colleagues, we'll make all the necessary calls.

GM Roadside Assistance telephone numbers for each country is listed below. The telephone numbers are also listed on the GM Roadside Assistance sticker affixed in your vehicle. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

GM Roadside Assistance Telephone numbers:

KSA STC: 800897 3779

KSA Mobility: 800850 0006

KSA Zain: 800850 0006

UAE: 800035702828

UAE: 80009730779

Qatar: 00800 97318

Oman: 2479 9199

Jordan: 06 585 1645

Jordan: 96265626999 (International)

Jordan: 96265008145 (International)

Bahrain: 80001779

Kuwait: 225 83611

Lebanon: 01 613 334

Yemen: +9731757077 (International)


In the event of an accident, GM Roadside Assistance will offer to transfer the driver and passengers to a place offering reasonable alternative transportation and/or accommodation. However, the owner is responsible for the actual transportation, towing, and other related costs towards the incident vehicle.

  • Towing to your selling dealer (distance permitting) or the nearest GM dealer will be covered up to a limit of U.S. $150. If you choose a GM service center that is further away than the one closest to the site of breakdown, and towing exceeds the U.S. $150 limit, then we will ask that you pay the extra cost of service.
  • Extraction from sand is limited to the U.S. $150. Your GM Roadside Assistance advisor will inform you of the limit during your call.
  • Flat Tires/Leaking Tires will be removed and replaced with your spare, free of charge. The cost incurred for the repair of all damaged tires is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Emergency Fuel Service will provide enough fuel to get you to the nearest fuel station (maximum 3 gallons).
  • If the breakdown occurs outside your country of residence, hotel expenses will be paid for the vehicle owner at a rate up to U.S. $120 per day, for a maximum of three days. This applies if the breakdown cannot be repaired on the same day, as determined by the GM service center.
  • If the breakdown occurs outside your country of residence, GM Roadside Assistance will cover the cost of economy class air tickets for you and a limited number of passengers to return back to your usual place of residence. This applies if repair time exceeds 48 hours following breakdown as determined by the GM service center.
  • Travel Expenses to Retrieve Vehicle After Repair. The cost of economy air tickets and taxis are covered on an approved GM Roadside Assistance basis. Hotels, meals and telephone calls incurred while retrieving your vehicle, are not included in GM Roadside Assistance coverage.
  • Transmission of Urgent Messages. In order to inform family and colleagues of your situation, GM Roadside Assistance will make all necessary calls on your behalf, free of charge.
  • Limit: GM reserves the right to limit assistance to an owner or driver for any service when, in GM's judgement, the claim becomes excessive in frequency, cost or type of occurrence.
    This GM Roadside Assistance Plan only covers the GCC, Lebanon, Jordan, or Yemen. If the breakdown occurs outside your country of residence and outside GCC, Lebanon, Jordan, or Yemen, the owner is responsible to proceed with towing the vehicle (at his own costs as to the actual towing, transportation of the vehicle, and other related costs) inside any of the above-stated covered countries, where GM Roadside Assistance coverage is effective, and in accordance to the GM Roadside Assistance provisions


Important Definitions Vehicle:

Vehicle means as designated in the policy, provided that:

1. The vehicle is not used for public transport of persons or merchandise for hire with or without driver.

2. Does not exceed 3,500 kilograms in weight.


Includes electrical failure, mechanical failure, flat tire not caused by accident, running out of fuel, being immobilized in the sand.


Road traffic accident or loss, damage or destruction by fire or theft, causing the vehicle to be immobilized.

Usual Country of Residence:

The home or residence of the owner in the usual country of residence but within the GCC, Lebanon, Jordan, or Yemen.